Introducing Orion ‘Ovaettr’ and xyr Writing Blog

Greetings humans!

I’m Orion ‘Ovaettr’ Fern S. (xe/xem/xyr and he/him/his) and I’m here today to say HELLO!
I am here! I exist! I have a voice!

I am a nonbinary trans man and maverique. I am trigenderfluid. I am a system. I am bisexual. I am autistic. I live with bipolar type 1 and ADHD. I stay here every day on this Earth and hope to make it a better day than yesterday.

I am moving into the writing sphere of the world and finally deciding to post my thoughts, things I want to rant on, things I want to educate on, etc.

I seek to *help* people ultimately, so I hope that I do a good job of that and if anything please hold me to this goal in your expectations of me and my work from here on out.

I have a LOT of thoughts in my head I normally tweet out haplessly, but now I want to be…organized, well written, have things like articles to point to about my thoughts on things that matter to me.

Expect to see a lot of LGBTQIA+ thoughts here, LGBTQIA+ activism op-eds and other opinion and activism pieces, thoughts on writing, stories, fantasy, neurodivergent thoughts on autism and autistic activism, short stories or poems, and various other things that span across my interests here.

Thank you for your time and efforts. Let’s keep fighting together for what’s right in this world. –

-O ’21

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