CALL TO ACTION: Voice Support for Denton TX’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Here’s a small write-up for my local area. I am here today to ask you to take action: call and e-mail Denton’s city council and voice your support for item 4b, the non-discrimination ordinance that would protect LGBTQ+ people in my community.

Protect from what? From housing, employment, and public accommodation discrimination. Basic areas of life one deserves protection in. Denton lacks this protection for their LGBTQ+ community currently.

Originally, this ordinance was brought up in 2020 by grassroots organizations, then later discussed with urgency by OUTReach Denton in 2021 again. Finally in 2022 has made its way to the city council again at the most recent City Council meeting held today, Feb. 15th, 2022. It was brought up as “item 4b” today.

Known local LGBTQ+ activist and loving mother, Amber Briggle, brought up in her tweet tonight how to get active and help get this ordinance heard and passed:

The phone number, however, is a bit busy. The inbox is full and when I called to voice my support they mentioned that if you were not directly speaking at the city council meeting you needed to directly call and/or e-mail each individual city council member with support for item 4b.

So I’ve prepared for you all here today a template for an e-mail and a call-in script. Please use & share these far and wide with any and all Dentonites you know. Spread the word, speak up for what is right and deserved in Denton TX for our amazing LGBTQ+ community.

[Items in brackets are to be filled out according to your customizations]


Dear Mayor Hudspeth, and Councilmembers Byrd, Beck, Davis, Maguire, Armintor, and Meltzer,

I am writing today in support of the current Item 4b – an anti-discrimination of LGBTQ+ folks ordinance – being proposed and currently discussed as of the 2/15/2022 city council meeting for Denton, TX.

This ordinance would protect LGBTQ+ folks, including queer and trans people of all walks of life, from being denied access to their homes and jobs. It will also provide protection of any other public accommodations including but not limited to bathroom usage of the types of restrooms they feel most comfortable with using in our city.

As [an LGBTQ+ community member -OR- LGBTQ+ ally] living in Denton County, I support this ordinance and hope that it will pass with the full support of every council member.

Please understand that the basic dignity and respect of LGBTQ+ people is necessary for a healthy community to thrive. All people of any walk of life deserve access to their own cities.

Denton has a wonderful and beautiful queer and trans community.
Passing this ordinance would benefit them all.

Please support item 4b/the anti-discrimination ordinance.

Thank you for your time today and for reading my support. Thank you for your hard work. I trust you will do what is right.


[Name & any info of location you want to give]





(You will most likely be leaving a message on a machine)

Hello, my name is [FULL NAME & any other info they ask for] & I am calling your office today to voice my support for item 4b, the anti-discrimination ordinance that will protect LGBTQ+ people of Denton, TX in the areas of housing, employment, and public accommodations. As a Denton local I feel it is important to protect all people in our city from discrimination. Please SUPPORT item 4b and pass the anti-discrimination ordinance. Thank you for your time today.




940-349-7717 – Gerard Hudspeth (Mayor)
940-208-6346 – Vicki Byrd
940-293-7611 – Brian Beck
940-208-7439 – Jesse Davis
940-208-5944 – Alison Maguire
940-300-9857 – Deb Armintor
940-220-2027 – Paul Meltzer


And that’s it! You’ve done your social duty to protect those who need the help!

I firmly believe we will see this ordinance passed as long as we all put in the hard work of contacting our city council and urging them to do what is right with their vote.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short article today and I hope this helps!

Stay safe, mask up Denton, and PROTECT LGBTQ+ RIGHTS!

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