My First Glitterbomb Experience ft. @RudePolaroids – Thursday Sept 29th, 2022

This blog is part of a series of backlogged events I went to in 2022 and took photography at, but never had the energy to write about during my harmful living situation in 2022. Now that I have energy and time in my new home, I will continue the documentation of my life.

Back in September of 2022, I got curious enough to finally go to my very first Glitterbomb event! Glitterbomb is a wonderful queer variety show that is hosted at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios on Sycamore St. in Denton, TX.

The event of the week was titled ‘All The Glitters is GAY!” – a mentee showcase featuring the appearances of the Summer – Fall 2022 resident mentees! There was also a featured artist – @RudePolaroids, who is an amazing photographer that focuses on bringing queer art to the front.

It was as a fabulous show on the wonderful stage that Rubber Gloves provides for the performers.

Seeing the stage was already glorious upon entry into the venue. I adored the gold fringe curtain and the lighting was superb. It was lit up and ready for fun to be had!

There was also artwork featured almost everywhere within Rubber Gloves, piquing my interest as I wandered around before the show took place.

The photography exhibit in the middle room of Rubber Gloves (another small stage room) was full of impeccable work featuring queer life front and center. All shot on polaroids.

‘Recognize Queer Artists’ — something everyone should be doing! — starts us off strong. Let’s take a look at the rest of @RudePolaroid’s work

Beautiful portrait work here, and a rather abstract piece that reminds me of blue porcelain.

This black and white photo featuring a woman wearing a more retro style outfit is simple yet cute.

This bare skinned portrait of a man is just wonderful. The composition is very nice and I love the intimacy of this piece. Mysterious as he is faceless, though warm and welcoming.

This umbrellas piece is just superb. How delightful and what a cool setup for the shot! The colour coordination and palette is just so fun.

This piece is just so cute and such a great capture of another intimate moment. Skinny dipping is fun and the water texture showing so vibrantly next to the washed out body of a lovely human is just great. The colour gradation is also very pleasing to the eye here.

Two cute queer women hanging out and being themselves. What’s not to love?

This one with the ‘Your Dad’ tattoo evokes so much gay energy I love it. Like yes, this man is so gay he could steal your father away.

Another intimate but also funny piece that looks to be achieved with some sort of delay in the shot, capturing the subject multiple times in one polaroid photo. I do not understand how the actual technique works, but it must have been complicated to get this effect. Definitely cool.

And the pride and glory of a rainbow pride flag on a beach amongst our community. Beautiful, and reminding us that we will persevere forever and always, standing strong.

Ryan of @RudePolaroids has an awesome business card too, simple and to the point. The design of it being in CYMK colour scheme with a rainbow printed polaroid coming out of the camera is just superb. What a great design!

You can find Ryan’s work at @RudePolaroids on Instagram. He sells prints and zines too!

The show itself was superb and spectacular. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the performers but promise to next time I go in 2023. I was too enthralled and enjoying the show to have time to capture the beauty of everyone!

Every mentee did amazing showing their stuff they learned over the course of the Summer-Fall 2022 mentorship program for performers. I was astounded by the beautiful drag routines, spicy and intimate moments between performer and audience, and the glory that comes with being out and proud in a queer space.

The best part of going my first time was getting to go up with the first-timers up in front of the stage. They gave us our honorary “ONE OF US” stickers to wear proudly – now I was initiated into the GlitterBomb culture!! It was such a fun treat.

I love that this space is also shared with a vast amount of queers – young fresh 18 year olds to people my age group (30’s) and even older! I love that drag can bring us all together to exist as US in a safe, secure and queer as hell place. A home away from home. GlitterBomb is loved so much by me and every queer in Denton, TX.

I still believe that GlitterBomb is preparing new mentees for the stage, but as of now they are under new management! Two amazing and veteran performers, Onyx Fury and Body By Blunts, are now taking the wheel of GlitterBomb and guiding it to future greatness.

You can find out everything you need to know about GlitterBomb at the new GlitterBomb website and their GlitterBomb Instagram Profile .

They perform every Tuesday at Cheba Hut Denton and every Thursday at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

See you at the next GlitterBomb showcase!


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